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Student application form. For individual students ready to book a homestay. To ask questions before booking, send us a message.

Homestay host application. For host families with extra bedrooms interested in hosting students.

Making homestay work for students and host families alike

  • Thanks to the openness and generosity of literally thousands of hosts past and present, we've introduced some 40,000 students from around the world to their Canadian host families. Many remain friends with their hosts even decades after their student days in Canada. 

    The key to a successful homestay program is respect for both students and hosts. At Vancouver Family Homestays we take everyone seriously. Whether you're a student or a host, you can be assured that we'll do our best to make homestay work for you.

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The Group Leaders

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    About Groups For more than 25 years Vancouver Family Homestays has been providing homestay and other programs for groups as large as 350 students. Our high standards, realistic promises, sound planning, attention to detail and extensive experience ensure that groups enjoy a smooth, well managed program. To complement your homestay program, we also offer: Integration programs with Canadian high schools. Visiting students are matched with a host …

Request a quotation

Want to know what kind of program we can offer your group and how much it will cost? Just click here to fill out a Group Quotation Request form and we'll get back to you shortly with an itinerary and quotation.

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